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This product is a portable coating thickness gauge with color&rotate highdefinition display, which can quickly, non-destructively and accurately me-asure non-magnetic coating thickness on magnetic metal substrates and non-metallic coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic metal sub-strates. At the same time it can automatically identify magnetic metal substrate and non-magnetic metal substrate, and is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry,

chemical industry, commodity inspection and other testing areas.


1pc  YNB-400 coating thickness gauge

1pc  User manual

1set Calibration films(6pcs)

1pc  Fe(Steel) plate

1pc  nFe(Aluminum)plate

1pc  Lanyard

1pc  Charging cable

1pc  Protective fabric carry case

1pc  Retail box

Package A:

1pc YNB-220 coating thickness gauge with LED light

1pc  Steel plate

1pc  Aluminum plate

1set Films

1pc  Black rubber case

1pc  Fabric cover

1pc  Hanging rope

1pc  English&Russian manual

1pc  Retail box